Image Guidelines

The most important part of your order, crucial to the quality of the final pet t-shirt, is the quality of the images you upload. Let's review the following tips and guidelines to make sure yours are just right:

  • Take a photo or choose an existing photo that is taken in daylight or in a brightly lit room.
  • Use a smartphone or high quality camera
  • Ensure the whole face & neck is visible and not in shadows.
  • Avoid overly filtered photos to ensure we correctly capture your pet's coloring.
  • Make sure your pet is looking directly at the camera at eye level, facing forward. Other positions are acceptable
  • Do

    • Pet facing camera at eye level
    • Great lighting
  • Do

    • Most of the body visible
    • High Quality
  • Don't

    • Pet cropped out of the frame
  • Don't

    • Low Quality and pixelated
  • Don't

    • Low lighting & heavy shadows
    • Not facing camera
  • Don't

    • Blurry and cropped out
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Not sure whether your images will work?

Email your image to us  ( and we'll let you know.